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About the Book


A brand-new study guide and reference manual entitled: “THE BOOK OF PROVERBS AND WISDOM, A REFERENCE MANUAL”, has arrived!! This manual was created, to explore the teachings of the Holy Bible’s renowned ‘Book of Wisdom’, and is currently available for purchase effective January 7, 2020. This study guide and reference manual, is immediately available online worldwide, as an ebook, paperback and hardcover. Copies will be available, in such traditional bookstores and on-line book distributors, like Barnes & Noble; Faithgateway; Amazon; and Kobo, effective January 7, 2020.

The Book of Proverbs and Wisdom, A Reference Manual serves as a study guide of the Holy Bible’s Book of Proverbs and its key principles of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. With unique Chapter Themes and Narratives, “The Book” offers insightful and in-depth exploration of each Proverbs verse.

Whether it’s a reader’s initial foray into the Biblical Book of Proverbs or their one hundredth time, taking a closer and deeper study and review of “The Book of Proverbs and Wisdom, A Reference Manual”, by examining and reviewing the connotations of its Chapters and Themes, one will be able to gain a much deeper and a more thorough perspective into the Biblical Book of Proverbs’ core thematic messages of faith, obedience, righteousness, wisdom, and walking in accordance, with Father God’s purpose for one’s Life.

Finally, and with keen, purposeful and spiritual intent, Brother Tomlin agreed with Father God, that ALL NET PROCEEDS from “THE BOOK”, will be DONATED to three 501(c)(3) non-profit charities that support humanitarian causes close to Brother Tomlin’s heart, namely: (a) The Durham Rescue Mission (of Durham, North Carolina); (b) Mukhanyo Christian Academy (of Mpumalanga, South Africa; and (c) Beautiful Gate Outreach Center, the HIV/AIDS non-profit organization that is affiliated with the Bethel AME Church of Wilmington, Delaware!


About the Author

Curt “CT” Tomlin holds a Bachelor of Science double major in Accounting and Finance from the University of Southern California. CT earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Having served over thirty years as a CPA, Corporate, and international finance executive, CT now dedicates his time to philanthropic efforts, spreading God’s teachings, and financial coaching. CT enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with his two daughters, Crystal and Sydney, and granddaughter, Kennedy.